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March 10 2019

March 09 2019

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March 06 2019

Plush rise!
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March 05 2019

Anne McClain: ... Then it was emergency mask donning practice with @Astro_DavidS - if there’s an (unlikely) ammonia leak, we have just seconds to protect ourselves.
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Anne McClain: Earth’s second day on @Space_Station started early, but he was happy to learn that even in space, the day starts off with coffee.
Anne McClain: Earth will learn a lot during his busy week on @Space_Station - today he kept me company while we checked our suit sizing to account for space growth (I am 2 inches taller than when I launched!), then we did some translation adaptation.
This animation, extracted from a longer video, shows the moment of Hayabusa2's 21 February 2019 touchdown on asteroid Ryugu.
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March 04 2019

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Anne McClain: Yes buddy, that’s your Mother Earth. Isn’t she beautiful?
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